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Who the Hell Are These Ladies?


Graduated in 2000 from the California Institute of Frivolity, Kay Hansen earned a double masters in Ornithology and Apiology (Birds and the Bees). While traveling abroad post graduation she began her first book, Stoichiology of Epistemology: Fundamentals of Human Knowledge.  While elbows deep in her project, she was struck with the epiphany that a lot of the world’s social behaviors come from a healthy mix of alethology and garbology (truth and garbage) and the struggle to sort the two.  In an effort to make headway, she would have to dive into the iatrology of laughter and its effects on psychonosology (the study of healing through laughter and its effects on mental diseases.) Asked to lecture at Universities and tupperware parties across the country, she soon became known as America’s leading expert in craniology, cardiology and pneumatology, (head, heart and spirit.) Her latest book Diabiologistic Ethology in Conjunction to Traumatology and Irenology addresses the hard hitting subjects of devilish animal behavior in conjunctions to wounds, shock and the study of peace, all written in haiku. In her spare time Kay entertains as a Bossanova chanteuse and is continually intrigued with aristology, oneirology and  oenology, the studies of dining, dreams, and wine.

GiGi and Kay approve this message

Kay and Gigi

The Divorce Dress- Kay and Gigi
The Divorce Dress-Kay and Gigi
The Divorce Dress- Kay and Gigi

Gigi is an American author, essayist, short story writer, poet, memoirist, hat artist and mixed martial artist. She is best known for her 2012 memoir that shocked the nation,  Bad girls eat cake too, which as of December 2014 has spent 169 weeks on the Hill Billy Times Bestseller list, and which was also made into a film by the same name in 2015 in which she accomplished the amazing feat of playing all 20 roles, The mall street journal called her “Spellbinding”. Over the past decade she has been seen rubbing elbows with the burning man elite and is known as the artist to see and be seen with! She single handedly saved the ele wire industry cornering the hippy market and ensuring festival goers  all over the globe have psychedelic bikes. She has inspired millions with her selfless philanthropic work, and founded the No straggler left behind non profit in 2009. Because of her dedication stragglers all over the world have enjoyed $900 meals and priceless bottles of wine. Most recently she won the 2016 Jamie Dick Contemporary Artist Prize and 2016 Make America Funny Again Award.

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